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How to Choose an Epic Costume for Mountain Bike Racing


5 Tips for Crushing a Costume Bike Race

Downhill mountain bike racing is all about speed… right? YES, but sometimes we need a reminder that the best part about riding bikes is getting outside with our friends and having as much fun as we can.

So to get in the mindset for your next race, let’s channel your inner child (the one who likes riding bikes) and talk about some tactics for putting together the best race kit you’ve ever had and making an epic costume for mountain biking. 

Tip #1:  Get your priorities straight

Die hard racer whose #1 priority is speed? Choose a costume that’s more on the aerodynamic side of things.

Just riding for fun? You can probably get away with some added wind resistance in the name of superior style.

In general, a low profile design without any dangling parts is a good start.

If you’ve seen The Incredibles, then you know that capes are a bad idea (we recommend no capes). Your bike has moving parts and you’ll be in all sorts of body positions as you ride the trails, load the chairlift, and hang out with your crew. Try to think about how your costume will handle in those different scenarios and plan accordingly. 

Tip #2:  Think about the gear you already have

Helmets, gloves, and eyewear are must-haves for any bike ride, so incorporate these accessories into your costume right from the start. 

Riding in a half shell helmet?  Wear a fake beard or a stick-on moustache! Full face helmet? Add some flair with a soft topper like a crazy hat or a goofy wig.

For eye pro, grab some silly sunglasses or add some bling to your goggles. Either way, make sure your vision is unobstructed and you can see and ride safely.

If your riding kit is already heavy on certain colors, use that to your advantage and just go with the flow. 

Tip #3:  Find some inspiration

Think about your favorite characters, professions, or memes and ride with it! Are you coming with a friend? Think about some partner costumes for double (or triple!) the fun. On the other hand, if you already have a costume planned for other events, chances are pretty good that you can make some quick adjustments to make it work for racing. 

Still stumped? Take a trip to your neighborhood thrift store or hit up some weekend yard sales!

Tip #4:  Get creative

When it comes to creating a costume that turns heads and gets cheers on the race course, you’ll need to flex your creative muscles to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re inspired by a tried and true costume favorite or an off-the-wall idea, think about some details you can include that will make it special or different in some way. Maybe add some duct-tape decals to your helmet or a little bit of flair to your bike. Wear some fun socks that go with your theme, or spruce up your riding shoes or gloves. Sometimes the little details can go a long way to making a costume epic.

Tip #5:  Have fun!

For best results, bring your personality and unique style to your costume and your ride! Get into character when you’re riding around in your costume and play the part. Bring your silly accents, superhero moves, ninja kicks, and favorite catch phrases with you on the trails. 

Having Doubts?!

Do you think this taco costume was a bad decision, or a great decision? (We think it was an awesome decision and most of the spectators seemed to agree.)

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