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Hill Country Downhill • Winter Series • Stop #3 Results

What a weekend! Racers, riders and spectators all delivered an incredible time for final Stop #3 of Hill Country Downhill.

The rain held off for what made some sweet dirt, cooler temps and rad racing. HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to support us for an unforgettable weekend and grand finale of the HCDH Winter Series!

Be on the lookout for upcoming spring announcements. In the meantime, check out the current series points standings below as well as photos from Keith Smathers.

HCDH Winter Series Standings

Power Kids (12 & younger)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Grayson Young65100165
2Lily Aaronson6585150
2Oliver Scribner5595150
4Anna Piscitello6080140
5Cooper Hammond100100
6knox clements u129595
7Samuel Ratner9090
7Naia Moctezuma9090
9Jonah Harrell8585
10Brady Gorman8080
11Ashton Baker7575
12Nixon Lucas7070
12Emery McBeth7070
14Declan Piscitello6565
15Eva Hernandez5050

Pro Women (all ages)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Lia Westermann100100200
2Veronica Garza9595190

Pro Men (all ages)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Nolan Skrehot9095185
2Colin Alexander9585180
2Collin McBride10080180
4Isaac Cowdell7090160
5Stone Kepler8570155
6Paolo Baguio6060120
7Major Rusk6550115
8Tyler Skrehot100100
9Gino Alfrido8080
10Billy Wilson7575
10Michael Rex7575
12Ezra Duarte6565
13Enzo Vieira5555
14Clay Kann4545
15Ryan McGrath4040
16Andrew Garza3535

Cat 1 Men (under 16)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Enzo Vieira95100195
1Liam Eleby10095195

Cat 1 Men (16-39)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Carlos Solis9585180
2Will Heatley65100165
2John Roberts8580165
4Rhett Jones100100
5Sam Coulter9595
6Jacob Cogbill9090
6Jack Bittel9090
8Chris Armstrong8080
9Eric Moncivais7575

Cat 1 Men (40+)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Elia Doretto100100
1Bill Bingham100100
3Jonathan Crissey9595

E-Bike Open (all ages)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Colton Harris100100200
2Sean James9095185
3Robert Bopp8590175
4Michael Harrell9595

Cat 2 Women (all ages)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Marisa carrera9595190
2Kaitlyn McMahon85100185
3Sofia Villarreal100100
4Stacia Wegner9090
4Marcela Villarreal9090
6Eala Gorman8080
7Oceana Nelson7575

Cat 2 Men (under 16)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Kaden Brewer100100200
2Jett Elliott9090180
3Dylan Shao7595170
4Ayden Hendrickson8085165
5Knox Clements9595
6Pharel Battle8585

Cat 2 Men (16-39)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Luciuz Griego9090180
2William Frescas9580175
3Brady Grizzle7095165
4Brant Wilhoit8575160
5Jacob Purdy6585150
6Bryce Biddle100100
6Bryson Rosser100100
8Ryan McMahon504595
9Kaden Harris603090
10Remy Seman256085
11Gregory Alves8080
12Corban Harrell7575
13Shannon Webb7070
14Micah Drexler6565
15Finn Springer5555
15Sean Valdez154055
15Jacob Moffett5555
18Taylor Ernest5050
19Jeff Ramey4545
20Chance Pierce4040
21Reagan Obermeyer3535
22Kevin Lane3535
23Conner Ball3030
24Lucas Lackey2020
25Andrew Obrien1010
26Justin Baugh55

Cat 2 Men (40+)

Series RankNameHCDH #2HCDH #1Series Total
1Elia Doretto9095185
2Jason Horne80100180
3Mike Leschber7590165
4Tim Clements100100
5Robert Taylor9595
6Scott Schmidt8585
6Michael Niemann8585
8Rob Large8080
9Corey Williams7575
10Phillip Bird7070
10Mike Young7070
12Mike Kelly6565
13Jon Van Pelt6060
14Zac Eckhardt5555
15Kenny Gorman5050
16Joel Herrera4545
17Ramon Carrillo4040
  • weekday package

Photos in this set by Keith Smathers Photography

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