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Lake Buchanan is Making a Comeback

Lake Buchanan is making it's comeback

Lake Buchanan is on the Rise!!

Get ready for a summer filled with biking and laketime fun! Our very own Thunderbird Lodge, which lies on the shores of Lake Buchanan, is reporting a large uptake in the water supply. With this information being presented, we will be officially opening our access and shores to boats under 25ft, stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, and swimmers.

The lake is an amazing place for summertime fun. Thunderbird Lodge offers rentals for boats, SUP, and kayaks. These are all great activities for the family during the days you aren’t biking at Spider Mountain. That’s not all! Lake Buchanan is also known to be a great fishing lake. The lake has a large population of bass and catfish. Take a look at Thunderbird Lodge now and book your summertime vacation!

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