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Ride Sleep Tight All Year Long Starting August 27!


Ride Sleep Tight All Year Long Starting August 27! 

Get ready for the gnarliest trail at Spider Mountain — Sleep Tight, opening August 27-28! Spider Mountain is celebrating the opening of the trail with a weekend party, complete with a mountain bike jam, giveaways, clinics plus an after party, plus our sponsors will have swag and tents at the bottom of the mountain. 

Saturday August 27 Schedule: 

The fun gets started at the entrance of the trail with tons of the fun throughout the day: 

  • 9:00 AM Sponsor Tents with swag and more  at the base of Spider Mountain including: 
    • Team Trail Party 
    • Fox Racing
    • Trek Bikes
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Smith
    • Bike Farm
    • Bentonville Bicycle Fest
    • All bikes all day
    • Proline Racing
    • The Peddler Austin
    • Karbach Brewing
    • 100%
  • 9:30 AM Ribbon Cutting with first train down Sleep Tight
  • 10:00 AM Trail open to the public
  • 10:00-noon Sessioning Jam
  • Noon-1:30 pm “Fox” hot dogs at the Fox tent FREE for everyone
  • 1:00 Best Stoke and Best Progression Awards at the Fox Tent plus swag toss
  • 5:00-8:00 pm Spider Mountain/Team Trail Party/Fox Racing After party at the Thunderbird Lodge Events Center featuring FREE beer, music and more

Sunday August 28 Schedule
Come out to Spider to learn from the pros what it takes to rock the drops at Sleep Tight: FREE Sleep Tight Drop Clinics, must preregister, first come-first served. :

  • 9:00 AM the first clinic tackles the easier of the drops Drop B, max 10 participants – Register Here
  • 11:00 AM the second clinic tackles the beast, Drop A, max 10 participants – Register Here

About Sleep Tight

An original trail from 2019, Team Trail Party built the Sleep Tight as a dedicated race line, and advanced riders have been hitting it ever since. 

A “Hollywood” line — one everyone sees from the lift, the trail’s main feature is a huge waterfall drop that challenged anyone who rode it. Fast forward a couple of years, and advanced riders began clamoring for Sleep Tight to be open more than just race days. “You asked. We listened,” said Suzy Bauer, General Manager of Spider Mountain. “We’re thrilled to open this trail up as part of the normal trail network at Spider Mountain as our premier double black line.”  

Several months ago, Spider Mountain approached Team Trail Party about building the trail to keep it open full time, with the goal of creating a world cup style double black diamond trail that would be sustainable for the long term. 

“Sustainability was key,” said Jeremiah Work, Director of Team Trail Party. “When Team Trail Party would race this trail, we basically had to rebuild it every year. That’s a lot of work from our trail crew. Because of the wear and tear, the trail was just getting rowdier every year. We had to find a way to dial in the build and make it an awesome line to ride anytime, and keep it fun and challenging for our advanced racers.” 

According to Work, the draw of Sleep Tight for many riders is that huge waterfall drop. However, the drop created the biggest engineering problem. “It was a blessing and a curse that during the initial part of the build it rained like crazy,” said Work. “We realized quickly that we had drainage issues that had to be worked out before anything else. We added drainage to berms and the area before the waterfall, but it wasn’t enough. That’s when we realized we had to build a ramp because the rain washed out everything.” 

In addition, the crews were committed to making the berms and features more sustainable. “This is a really steep part of the mountain and we wanted to create a line that would last and be better for riders,” commented Work. 

Scott Peele, a Fox Racing representative and trailbuilder on Sleep Tight agrees. “This is a steep trail and riders should be accustomed to managing their speed for a sustained period to ride this trail.” Describing the trail, he continued, “This trail is not just steep, it’s fun and flowy with awesome features with some gnarly and technical sections. It’s fun and challenging.”

Hunter Jowser, Spider Mountain’s chief trailbuilder, is enthusiastic about the flow and technicality of Sleep Tight. “While sustainability was key, we were all committed to making this trail next level fun,” he said. “We have all been incredibly detail-oriented with the rider in mind to make this expert-level, while creating flow and adding technical features.” 

The entrance to the trail features a roll-in rock feature with a hip option, with enough challenge to give riders a taste of what’s to come and demonstrate how challenging this double black trail is. Next is a step down feature that leads the rider into the woods, with a switchback that prepares the rider for the big waterfall drops. “That step down is my favorite feature besides the waterfall section,” said Peele. “You can roll it or jump it, it’s a great introduction into the woods before you get to the drops.” 

The crews designed three different ways to approach the waterfall drop section to allow for rider progression. The A-line features the original waterfall drop, with a new ramp that elevates the height of the drop to over eight feet, a full three and half feet higher than the original drop. 

The B-line features a rollable drop engineered with flagstone that allows riders to roll the drop or pull up on the bike to jump the waterfall. The C-line will be a complete ride-around. All of the landings will route riders into a catchment berm that allows riders to keep their speed as they head to a surprise feature at the end toward the bottom of the lift. “What this allows for is progression for the rider,” said Bauer. “This is one of the most difficult trails on the mountain, and we want to keep that level of difficulty for the advanced rider, but want to offer experiences that riders can use on this very steep trail to build up to the A-line of this drop section.” 

“This is a different type of feature for riders,” said Peele. “This trail and particularly the waterfall section is so steep we had to design the ramps and entrances to force the rider to slow down and let gravity take the wheel. The combination of the steep grade plus gravity means the rider can take the features at a more casual speed than they might be used to in order to avoid overshooting the landing. It might take riders a few tries to dial that speed in, but if riders can lean into the design to carry them through the drop features, I guarantee it feels right.” 

The collaboration between Spider Mountain and Team Trail Party has been a winning one on both sides. “Officially working with Spider’s trail crew has been amazing,” said Work. “We were able to accomplish our goals quicker and more efficiently. It’s been great.” The sentiment is shared by Jower, who said, “We built this trail in steep, difficult terrain, and with Team Trail Party, we were able to do it rapidly and with an incredible amount of detail and thought into how to create the best experience for the rider.” 

Riders who want to experience the new Sleep Tight for themselves should plan on the Opening Day party on August 27-28. More details can be found here.