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Summer Cool Down Guide

summer cool down

Summer is just around the corner, and we don’t want you to miss out on the best time of the year! To help you stay safe and keep your adventures rolling—pun intended—we at Spider Mountain have put together a guide to help you cool down this summer. Here are some helpful tips to keep you safe and comfortable!

cool down

Water, water, and more water!

But not too much water. Water is a huge factor when it comes to keeping your body cool. If you plan on biking, make sure to prepare the day before by drinking a lot of water. Stay away from sugar and caffeine as these two can cause dehydration.

A schedule for drinking water and electrolytes is a good tool to use. This can ensure you are getting enough water before, during, and after biking. This will also help to not over hydrate (which is a thing).

Taking a dip in the pool or lake. Water can help greatly from drinking it but according to the University of Utah School of Medicine, water is the best way to release heat from the body. Feeling hot during the day? Just go jump in the water.

Make sure you are eating correctly.

Eating can have a huge impact on the way your body retains water. To prepare for a day of biking, make sure to eat lots of healthy carbs such as brown rice and oatmeal. This will help your body hold more water.

During the day that you are out biking, it is best to stay away from foods. This can be easy because our body will naturally want water instead of food. However, this is good. If you do need energy, try out some energy gels designed for athletes in hotter conditions.

Acclimate your body to the temperature

Athletes of all sorts will acclimate their bodies to different scenarios before gametime. This not only helps with preventing heat exhaustion but also helps to perform at a higher level. According to Dr Jessica Mee, one way of acclimating your body to heat is by taking hot baths throughout the week before riding. Throughout a 6 day time period your body’s resting core temperature can drop about a third of a degree. That is a huge win!

Timing is huge for your cool down!

Timing your ride is among the most important things to do during the summer. Early mornings or later evenings are by far the coolest times so try to adjust your schedule to that.

Try our other mountains in the US.

Texas can get hot and we understand that! Thats exactly why we have our MTB Power Pass which gives you unlimited access to Spider Mountain along with Purgatory, Lee Canyon, Brian Head, and Pajarito through August 25th. These other 4 mountains are located in Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and New Mexico making for a cooler climate and more traveling.

Prevent Sunburn

Sunburns are a huge way of trapping heat in your body. To avoid this, use broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. To make this even more effective try out clothing with an SPF protection.

If you forget your sunscreen, head over to Thunderbird Lodge! We have sunscreen and snacks for sale.

Clothing makes a difference

Make sure you are looking at the type of clothing you wear. Certain types of fabric are better for heating whereas other types are better for cooling. A good tip is to have a fabric that keeps in water so you can dunk your shirt in water every few laps.

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